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The West Coast Championship

Official Contest Rules

1) The West Coast Controllerist Championship Battle will be held on June 25th at Public Works in San Francisco, CA from 10pm-2am.

2) Competitors will be registered on a first come, first serve basis.

3) Competitors MUST CHECK IN BETWEEN 7-9pm on the day of the event to qualify to compete.

4) Competitors advancing all the way to the final battle will perform a total number of 4 times. There will be one qualifying round in which all competitors will perform once. Only the top 8 competitors will advance. This will be followed by three rounds of single-elimination, one-on-one, randomly paired battles.

5) For each battle, competitors are allowed 2:30 to perform, one after another. Human-operated video cameras will project your movements onto a video screen for all to see. A “30 seconds remaining” warning will be issued by the MC. Competitors will be faded out if they continue to play beyond their time limit.

6) A panel of judges will decide winners, based on:

- Musicality
- Virtuosity
- Innovation
- Showpersonship
- Audience reaction

7) To qualify for any given battle:

- Competitors are allowed two controllers/instruments in total, and one computer. A table with at least 2.5’ x 3’ of space and at least 2 standard electrical outlets will be provided.
- Competitors must supply exactly one pair of L/R audio outputs on two male 1/4" cables.
- Competitors must be at the stage no less than 30 minutes before the battle.
- If equipment fails and it is NOT the fault of the competitor, she or he may restart from the beginning of their performance with the full allotment of time. If equipment fails and it is judged to be the fault of the competitor, he or she may stop and continue with only the time remaining when the failure occurred.